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About this project

I am an art history student interested in urban space, architecture, and the experience of all the animals who live in the city – humans included. I am also fascinated by animal footprints in the sidewalk.

This project is an attempt to find the intersection between the ubiquitous urban site of the sidewalk and, in this case, human and pigeons interactions.

Pigeons, and other urban animals, leave their traces in wet concrete, an extremely versitile building material associated closely with modernist architecture. The alighting of a pigeon onto a sidewalk happens with such regularity that it is hardly noticed. These traces mark an ephemeral moment preserved indexically for up to the next 25 years – the feral pigeon’s whimsical zigzagging monument to itself.

My Intervention

To draw attention to and encourage reflection on these ubiquitous traces that criss-cross our urban trajectories, I have constructed a circuit of seven ‘alightments.’ This blog gives directions to a self-guided walking tour of pigeon footprints in the sidewalks around Concordia University.

In each of these locations I highlighted the pigeon tracks by filling them with green gelatin and have put up a Pigeon Tracks poster that provides the map of the circuit, a photograph of the tracks at the posting site, and a text that considers some aspect of the significance of the pigeon-sidewalk-human nexus.

NB – Most of the posters have been removed and the highlighting (in green) has washed out: but the tracks are still there! See the posters page to view them.

Highlighted pigeon tracks at Ste-Catherine & St-Marc

Sidewalks are like the beach to the island of city blocks. A lot happens there.

If you are downtown, please take a moment to try to find some of them – then come back here and let me know what you think.

The Pigeon Tracks poster at Ste-Catherine and St-Marc.

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