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Ste Catherine near St Marc

25 November 2009

“Landscape of sufficient variety promises surprises at every turn; it furnishes relief from the monotony and non-surprise of strictly sited space … What protrudes in a landscape offers us something to grasp at the most basic level of sensory awareness … [it] arrests the body momentarily in its onward motion, gives it pause, that is, gives it something to fasten onto.”– Edward Casey, Remembering: A Phenomenological Study

This corner was the most regulated and possibly the most contested of all the pigeon track sites. Signage is tightly controlled, probably with reason.

It is also the site where I managed to get one good plaster cast of a footprint – thanks to my nephew Albert’s nimble fingers. We did this at 5PM on a Thursday and hardly anybody noticed.

Close view of tracks at Ste Caterine an St Marc

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