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Guy north of de Maisonneuve

25 November 2009

Look at these heavy tulip bulbs, the torsos
we lift into the air. Can you? We guard
your immobilized heroes
bring them and your concrete piazzas
to life, are smartly unromantic
about the outmoded countryside,
have no need for medals,
our collars, iridescent violet-green
bind us to no master.

– from the poem “A Word from the Feral Pigeon” by Andy Quan

See for the complete poem.

tracks under jewellery store roost at Guy above de Maisonneuve

Roosting Pigeons

These tracks, which are near the lamppost on the left, are just around the corner from the statue of Norman Bethune. When they recently redid the good doctor's square they used stone instead of concrete but our feral friends continue to stand guard nonetheless.

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  1. 23 December 2009 2:18 PM

    Update: Last week, this site’s poster was still up! What is it about the location that allowed this?

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